We can hear all the time the same sentence, but do we really know what does it mean? Let me introduce you the parts that this sentence represent. We all know that we are not just a body because we have mind and soul. If we will work only with therapies that build our body, we will separate our self on two or three parts. Let`s start:

1. The first part from which we will start is our body. Please stand in front of the mirror, take a deep breath and try to see where your body needs support. Why do this? Because you need to start focusing on the first level if you want to understand other levels of yourself and you need to know how to give your body attention.

2. The second level that needs our attention is our mind. Here we will learn how to put the focus on our minds that always play some game with us.

3. The third level is our soul. With our soul, we can see, feel and understand things that are unusual for those who didn’t open them self for the first two levels.

Now when I had explained all these three parts in other articles I will put my focus on each of them how to open and start with your work on yourself.

For the end of this chapter I want you to tell this: words like “I can’t, I am afraid, I don’t understand, maybe it will come for me, how, when and why“- please try not to say anymore. Pay attention to these words because they have a vibration to move you from this path of understanding and work on yourself.

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