My dear readers, this is our last and one of the most beautiful parts of ourselves. With this part you can be who you really are and you will be free. Free of all intentions that are imposed by others and free of all restrictions and fears that are destroying our driving emotions.

Usually people are afraid of being in contact with this part because they think that they will lose something. The real question is WHAT?

Yes, you will lose something that is unnecessarily, that is your control. There are people who are in good connection with their soul, they don’t need much for a really good life but there are happy. The only sadness that you can see in their eyes is because of the injustice in the world. Now in my mind I think about the face of small African boy that needs a food to nourish his body. In my first article “1.part-body level” I mentioned that you need to give your body food because food is life and it is like oil that moves us through life. People who are spiritually well connected , see things that are beyond mind level. They hear Mother Earth whispering, they collaborate with earth elements like fire, water, wind and wood and they know what will be the next step for them. Like tribes that can communicate with each other telepathically. They always get what they need and their system of looking on the material world does not exist.

Now the material world start existing for them because we disrupted the balance. The tribes need money because we destroyed one big part of earth from which they lived. If we do not help them, do not give necessary food and water the balance and the connection that they had will be lost. You can have all the money in your life but that paper cannot give you the food that your soul needs. By destroying our Earth we will also lose necessary plants that provide us with food, water that comes from the source and then what we will drink and eat…money?

Once you connect all your three parts you will have everything, trust me! You will no longer be a clone, you will know what to do next! This will be your real life mission! You will be disconnected from the phrase- “I need!” and you will be free to choose. What do you think about this? I am here to offer you understanding and give you support so we can create something powerful and good for all of us. Do not forget that we are all one and we can’t be alone 🙂

On my youtube channel- Centar M&M you will find a video about this topic. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.