To know how to hear your inner voice, you need to know how to control your mind and the information that always circulates inside your head. Here are the tools that can stop mind activation or put the thoughts in peace:

  1. Our strength
  2. Faith, believe
  3. Patience

These three things are something that we got during our intrauterine development. What happened to them, where did they go? They are still here inside us, but we close the door for them because during our development we have accumulated beliefs, thoughts and ways of viewing from our parents or people that were close to us during our childhood. If we really want to do a good/great job, we need to start cleaning our maps.

Think about this: I can be in this state for the rest of my life, but what is the thing that I want? Do I really want to play the game, which was imposed on me by others, or I will create my own game that represents me?

When you find your answers, it is good to write them down! Now you have a new video to continue….