In our previous article, we have started our journey talking about beautiful work we all have and need to do. In this article, you will learn how to recognize which parts of your body needs to be supported.

*These articles can explain to you what a beautiful duty we all have and how we can help doctors and therapists to achieve positive results sooner.

  1. The first step is to stand in front of the mirror, as I wrote in the last article. It is better if you take off your clothes. If there is some issue about that, then wear clothes that can highlight your body lines.
  2. Take a deep breath before you look at yourself. Raise your head and first gaze in the mirror directly in your eyes. If you see some sadness, anger or fear, just smile to that emotion. What will you get when you put a smile? All the negative emotions will be confused because a smile is bringing up the light from inside. Please, believe me, just do this and don’t hesitate. Stay in that position and be patient as long as you need. Your face will start changing. Shapes and angles around eyes will raise up, the forehead will be softer and it will seem like the wind came and gave you a new fresh look.
  1. Now, it is time that you look at the upper part of your body. Pay attention to your shoulders: Which is more up? Right or left side? Then look at your elbows and forearms. Check if one of the elbows is closer to the body or abdomen? See if your upper posture with shoulders is opening or closing the chest area? You can make a small exercise that you will find on the youtube- Centar M&M channel.
  2. When you did your exercise, look your hips and pelvis. See which hip is higher than others?
  3. Look at your legs, your knees. Are they in the shape of genua valga (x shape) or genua vara ( o shape). You will find also on youtube the exercise for this.

When you scan your whole body and finish the exercises, check again how do you feel? Drink room temperature water, eat what you like in peace, breathe and keep a positive attitude. We can work on your self-development together over Skype or you can find a therapist that will work with you.