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Dear clients

There is a new offer for everyone that wants to continue or start working on themselves. The main goal is to continue working with you on the quality of your life and to support parts of your life that you have forgotten about because of your busy lifestyle.

Consulting with medical diagnosis is included in the the price of a one hour treatment. You will be lead and supported through your problematic state of mind via physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level of consciousness.

You will get the valuable information about the cause of your problems and how you can improve your health. This is what you have to do to stay balanced and peaceful after our Skype conversation.

Mirjam pleše

Professional experiences

During five years I have had over 2000 patients, and managed to solve their problems such as: breast cancer, depression, anaemia , eye problems, anorexia, headaches, allergies, divorces, problems with pregnancy, issues with children growth and I also helped people realise what they were capable of.

I occasionally work as a psychological consultant for a companies, which entails analysing the employees’ work and consulting them on how to be more productive but also to improve quality of life of their employees.

About my work

Hello everyone, it’s really nice to share interesting and inspiring stories with you over Skype. I started my journey at the age of ten and when I turned 25 I finally got the results I was looking for.

In those fifteen years, I was studying and trying to understand myself through Shiatsu Academy that is a part of eastern medicine, acupuncture and through the University of Applied Health Sciences while studying to become an occupation therapist. However, getting a degree was just the first step on my journey. After that first step, I had to open up even more so that I could bring intuition and sensibility into my life. I can tell you that the second step wasn’t easy for me because I had to go through some difficult experiences to finally discover the pieces I was looking for and create a picture with them.
I chose roses because they remind us to empty our minds, plus they represent wisdom and balance.

They also represent purity, clarity and transparency of intent. Pink roses symbol is gratitude, grace, admiration and joy. White roses symbol is innocence and purity.

How to contact me?

Types of support that I offer through skype:
  • Support to those who are going through the process of divorce
  • Support to those who are temporary separating from their partners
  • Support to the young people who are moving out from the safe environment of their home
  • Support to those who have any form of fear, depression, anxiety or panic
  • Support to those who are in the process of changing jobs and also who are looking for the new direction in life
  • Support to those who are looking for a romantic partner
  • Supporting self-development
Price for 60 min of a skype conversation – 100CHF


Name: Mirjam Pleše, info_976632


+41 76 78 65 303



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